Karla Bradshaw, MOMSc

Karla Brayshaw is an Osteopathic Practitioner. She completed her
education at the Canadian Academy of Osteopathy in Hamilton, Ontario.
The four-year program shaped her ability to effectively treat all
individuals, whether dealing with new pains or old injuries. She
practices in a non-invasive way working through layers of the body in
order to get to the root cause.

Osteopathy is based on principles that; the structure of the body
determines your function. When joints are out of place it can cause pain
and discomfort. Osteopathy works to restore your body to relative normal
so you can function without pain.

Prior to her Osteopathy education, Karla studied Kinesiology at Lakehead
University where she played volleyball. This kept her involved in
athletics, fitness and wellness; she also worked as a personal trainer
for 3 years after her Kinesiology program.

When not working at the clinic you can find her enjoying the Okanagan
lifestyle: hiking in the mountains, relaxing by the water or playing volleyball.